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Friday, May 22, 2020

MY NEW BABY: Marc Jacobs Small Traveler Tote Review

Hey everyone, I'm back and I did a thing.  I bought the new Marc Jacobs Small Traveler tote bag last week, and it arrived a few days ago. I'm so excited that I treated myself to this beautiful bag. Well, actually I used some birthday money that I got, but nonetheless, I treated myself.

I ordered the smaller size in the shade Slate Green, and I'm actually obsessed. and I opted for the smaller size because the small size came allowed more versatility as it came with a strap that allows you to wear it either Crossbody or by the handles.

It's the perfect bag to just throw all your essentials in like your Laptop, Tablet, Sunglasses and more. And it looks so freakin' chic. And for a "designer" bag, it's actually pretty affordable when compared to other "book totes" or totes similar. It originally retails for $175, but I purchased mine on Shop Bop and used one of their 15% new customer codes and got it for around $148.

I initially found this bag while looking at Camera Straps for my Marc Jacobs Snapshot bag in March, and I saw this and instantly fell in love. I love totes. I love Crossbody bags. And I instantly fell in love with the bold lettering. I knew I had to have it, but I spent a good amount just thinking about it (two months to be exact lol.)

The Slate Green Color is a perfect neutral with a hint of green.

All The Deets 

The bag is 100% canvas, but it's a lot thicker and durable than you'd think. As I mentioned previously, this bag comes in two different sizes. You can grab the small size like I have with the strap, or the regular size which comes with a longer top handle that allows you to throw it over your shoulder. Both are really similar, and according to the Norstrom product reviews, they can both fit a standard size laptop. I looked at some reviews on YouTube for the bigger size as well, and I have to say they both seem incredibly spacious. It really just comes down to the style you prefer.

One stand out feature of this bag is, of course, the lettering. I  love the bold print, and how it states the obvious. It really just gives that street style element to this bag, and I think that's why I loved it so much.

Full-Zip Closure

A few other highlights of this bag are the inside pockets. It includes a pouch that features a hidden zipper pocket opening, as well as two slots to put a phone or wallet. The rest of the bag is pretty open and allows you to put a lot of stuff inside. It also features a side carry handle on the side, and an all zip handle at the top. I think the zipper is also a huge standout feature because honestly a lot of totes don't have zippers, so I love the security that this tote has.

Inside Pocket 

And they also just launched some additional spring colors that are SOOO cute. Coral, Yellow, Pink. I'm actually quite jealous cause when I ordered this last week, they only had neutral colors. I'm still glad I got a neutral tone because it'll coordinate with more of my wardrobe.

If you're thinking about grabbing this tote, I would say go for it! Once we all get out of the house, I think this a perfect work bag, overnight bag, or travel tote. I know for sure, I'm gonna carry this bag entirely too much. And it's probs gonna be my new work bag. Stay tuned to my Instagram as I style it!

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