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The Girl Behind it All...

 Faith Riggs is a 21-year old dreamer, journalist, fashion-addict,  and a Detroit native. She is a senior at Kent State University where she majors in journalism with dual minors in fashion media and marketing. Since taking a journalism class in 8th grade, she found herself fascinated with fashion media and writing. In high school, she created Faithzebrasway.blogspot.com, a fashion and lifestyle blog where she documented her outfits and downtown Detroit adventures.  

After spending a summer studying away in New York City, she was inspired to rebrand to something more professional and personal.

And thus, Festivelyfaith.com was born. 

Festivelyfaith.com is a lifestyle and fashion blog aimed at women (or men) who choose to live their life colorfully. Living colorfully means being unapologetic, confident, and of course, fun. A festive life means to never let anyone steal your color or your power.

It's about shining your light, laughing a ton, finding your true purpose,  and never turning down a great photo moment.  This is a safe space to bring your makeup brushes, the most-extra outfit in your closet, and your wildest dreams. 

I believe it doesn't matter where someone comes from, it's about the journey. And being a little Festive along the way makes everything a little more worth it.

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