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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Let's Boss Up: 5 Reasons why you should start investing in yourself more

I decided to start a new series #ontheblog, called "Let's Boss Up." I really just want a space where I can talk all about the realness that it takes to achieve your dreams.  I want to offer any tips or inspiration I find just about the hustle and the true reality of chasing your dreams. Because that's where I'm at. 

I just turned 23. I found a job that I love in social media, I have a couple side hustles (blogging and freelancing) that I'm trying to grow, and I just want to be candid about my journey, and also offer any tips to inspire you. So, let's boss up together. 

Okay, so the first installment of this series is 5 reasons why you should start investing in yourself. 

First, let's start with some education. Investing in yourself doesn't always mean investing money in the bank. Investing is anything you put time or money into. This could be investing in a new camera lens, a new laptop, taking an online course, or reading a book on perfecting your craft. 

So, I'm sure most of you can think back to a time where you invested in yourself. You probably bought a new book to learn more about a skill (EX. Your college textbook, girl) or maybe you decided to buy a new camera for your YouTube Channel or blog. This all counts as investing in yourself. Today's blog post will cover all the reasons for when and why you should start investing in yourself. Sometimes it's so difficult to know, so I hope this post can help you with an upcoming decision to start investing in yourself. I want all of us to win the rest of 2020. So let's get into these 5 reasons.

A push to start 
How many times have you wanted to start something, but you always told yourself "I'll start when I can afford this." or "I'll start in two months." Honestly, I'm gonna be one of those annoying people who say "you can just start now with what you have," but sometimes making an investment tied to a goal can help to keep yourself accountable. For example, saving up for a tool you need for a goal, can get you excited. And this excitement can give you that well-needed "push" you need. So, I'm all for investing in something tied to a goal before you get started because sometimes we just need that little extra something before we really accelerate. Don't be afraid to buy that camera or the new ring light before you get started, just make sure you actually start and keep the motivation.

Because It's Time to Level Up 
Maybe you are killing it at your goals. Maybe your business is growing or your social media is growing, but you just need that extra edge. You might need to think about that extra something that's going to change the game. Maybe it's that really pricey camera lens that all the big bloggers have. Or maybe it's making the plunge to own your domain. Whatever it is, you've been working hard, and killing it with the tools you have, so sometimes you have to go for it!  This can be your sign that it's time, sis! You have been killing it, and now it's time to take it one step further. And with the consistency you've been displaying, this investment is sure to pay itself off in no time! Thank me later.

You're Feeling Stagnant

You've been consistent, you think you have all the tools you could ever need. Maybe, your growth has slowed, and you need to figure out what's next. This is the perfect time to sit down and figure out your next move. Maybe it's investing in a new course and learning additional information from experts in your field, or maybe it's time to start rethinking your strategy and seeing if investing in a program or tool can make your life easier. I suggest, just brainstorming for a few hours, and seeing what investments you may need in order to expand further. The right thing will come to you. You got this.

You Lost Motivation in Your Passion 
Sometimes we just get in ruts (And that's completely okay.)  What's important is that you find that spark again, and sometimes it takes investing in yourself to ignite that fire again. Retail therapy is real, and it might as well be something that can further your passion. Sometimes investing in something new for your hobby or business, can give you that new motivation that may have been lost for a second. So treat yourself to something that excites you, and find that spark you once had when you first started.

You're hitting the same obstacle over and over again

If you're hitting the same obstacle over and over again, it's time for a change. Maybe your computer has been running super slow, or your dining room workspace just isn't cutting it. It's time for an investment that will fix your problem. Honestly, I can totally relate to this because lately, my computer has been running uber slow due to space issues, so I invested in a new Solid State Drive. All it took, was one small investment, and I'm back in action! I'm no longer hitting that same obstacle that delayed me. Sometimes it's best to just bite the bullet and go for it because it's gonna be so worth it!

Whatever stage you're in, just know you are killing it! Investing in yourself is a big deal, but believing in yourself is the best investment you can ever make. So keep doing you, and being great. Let me know in the comments how you plan to invest in yourself in 2020!

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  1. Thanks for your thoughts on investing in yourself!!

  2. I love this post! I'm a new college graduate & I really want to continue investing my time into educating myself, especially with digital marketing and blogging trends. I keep telling myself I'll use the free resources out there like courses when I have time, but I really just need to do it now!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Cecilia // sunnysidececilia.com

    1. So glad you enjoyed the post! Congrats on graduating, girl! Yes, definitely keep investing in yourself and planting those seeds and it will pay off in no time.

  3. Loving this post! Some really great thoughts here!


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