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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

How I kill it on the go with Xfinity

I don't think this will be a surprise to anyone, but I'm a digital girl all the way. I work in social media as my 9-5, I dabble in freelance social media work, and of course, I run my blog part-time. I'm the girl who's always on her phone, always asking friends for their WiFi password, and always finding myself lost in an internet rabbit hole (it happens to the best of us!) Basically I'm just someone who thrives off technology. I love it! I love learning about new trends in media, I'm always researching and as a result, I'm almost always on my phone or laptop (without shame.)

Being such a digital girl, I need a digital company that's gonna be there at every stage of my lifestyle, and that's why I love Xfinity. Xfinity offers the best digital experience for watching my fave shows and having the best WiFi connection wherever I go.

And that's why I'm super excited and honored to work with Xfinity on this blog post! I'm so hyped to be working with a brand I've used since I was a little girl. I don't know if another brand has transitioned with me like Xfinity.  Through my Full House obsession when I was in elementary school, and then my obsession with YouTube video tutorials in high school, streaming my fave shows through college and now through my freelance, work as an adult. I've been powered by Xfinity through every stage.

Even though I’ve had  Xfinity for basically my whole life, I recently had an opportunity to visit one of their Xfinity Stores for a full rundown of all their products and services and I was completely blown away. I learned so much I never even knew.  They have everything from cell phone plans, home security options, and so much more.

I first met with an Xfinity Rep. who showed me so many tricks for Xfinity X1 (their cable service), which my parents have, and I had no idea how much the voice remote can do. I was literally amazed how powerful the remote is and it's SO EASY. I can instantly access Netflix, YouTube, or my fave shows in literally two seconds just by speaking into the remote. Literally, mind blown because no one at my house really used it before. And the Rep. also showed a great demo of Xfinity Home, which is something I never knew they offered. But there are so many features to Xfinity Home like security cameras and an app that allows you to see exactly what's going on in your home, to lock systems for your door.

One thing I love about Xfinity also is how user-friendly everything is. The Rep. also showed me the Xfinity “My Account” app allows you to make changes, edits or updates to your account, so it takes all the complication out of things. Because no one wants to sit on the phone for hours to make one little change. Let's be real, we are all booked and busy doing amazing things. And Xfinity just understands so I love that! With the app, you're in control totally.

Needless to say, the Rep. I worked with was amazing, and he really took the time to show services that perfectly fit with my lifestyle. And that is exactly what I look for in a digital service. I walked away feeling so empowered and even more digital-savvy than before.

Listen, I can talk all day about Xfinity, but the moral of the story is it's AMAZING! Xfinity is great for anyone who's on the go and needs a digital service provider who just gets it. Whether you are a recent grad, a business owner, or just someone who loves great service, Xfinity is literally the best, check out their website and services here: https://xfin.tv/2QG3wRF

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