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Friday, November 8, 2019

Festive Week in my life #1: Haircut, Femology, work and, freelancing

Hey, everyone! I'm back and I'm starting an all-new series on here called "Festive week in my life." I really want this to be an unfiltered look into what I'm doing on a weekly basis. This will be a space to highlight any fun events I attend, workdays, or maybe even random trips to Target. I love watching "Week in my life" vlogs on YouTube, so I thought it would be fun to kind of bring that idea to my blog.  I really want you guys to learn more about me aside from just fashion or my career goals, so cheers to my festive week!

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For this post,  I'm focusing on Friday 11/1 to Friday 11/8.  This week was super busy all around. On Friday, I had a hair appointment, and randomly decided I wanted to try a blunt cut. I think it's important to note, that I'm not a random type of girl. When I do something big I love to research and plan for it! Normally,  I would search haircuts on Pinterest or The Cut Life, but for some reason, I just wanted something different as soon as I sat in the chair. I told my stylist I wanted something more stylish and blunt for an upcoming event I was attending, and she worked her magic. I'm still so in love with my cut, and my hair overall looks sooo healthier. I feel like I look so much older now, so hopefully, I won't get mistaken as a 14-year-old as much. Updates on this soon lol.

Me and my blogger bestie, Demaia. Follow her @thedeecole

This past weekend, I attended Femology's 100 Female Detroit Bloggers event. Wow, what an honor to be amongst some of Michigan's best content creators. I loved seeing my blogger friends and loved meeting so many new ones. I've only been blogging for about a year, (Festively Faith turns 1 year this month BTW!) so just to get invited to an event like this is so amazing. It gives me the fuel to keep going and get better. 

I had a super productive week at work, and I think I'm getting used to the roles of my position. This week my boss, the social media manager, suggested I look at data insights to better plan the Facebook content for the upcoming week. This was super interesting to analyze and definitely helped brought more clarity. I love working in social media because it's so much strategic creation. A lot of things are trial and error, and then taking that info and improving for the future.

I am also learning more about a balance between work and my freelance life. Sometimes after work, I don't feel like working on any other projects, but I'm learning to set aside designated time for relaxing and freelance work. This week, I feel like I'm getting more of a hang of it, but I'm sure it'll always be a balance. I still have to prioritize my blog responsibilities better, I eventually want to write posts at least twice a week, and I know it's doable. I just have to be very strategic.

On Thursday, I was all over the Free cup day at Starbucks. The holiday season is officially in full swing as I've had my first Carmel Brulee Latte. It's almost Christmas Tree season, and I'm so excited because now that I'm not in school anymore, I actually have time for holiday content instead of stressing about finals! But anyway, yes the holidays are here! I love how Starbucks kind of sets the season with each of their drink launches.

Friday is basically a chill day! Catching up on blog work, my job work, and also freelance stuff. I'm trying to wrap up the week on a great note. This weekend should be fun, as I'm attending another Femology event. And of course, I'll update you guys on that next week!

Helping Brooch Bosses with their exhibition at Forbes Under 30 Summit! How cute are these Brooches!?

And I also want to share an amazing highlight from last week! I was able to attend the Forbes Under 30  Summit in my hometown, Detroit! When I found out they were coming a few months ago, I wanted to go sooo bad, but honestly, I couldn't afford the ticket price. And literally a week before the event, a woman I do freelance social media work for texted me saying she signed me up to assist her with exhibiting. Like what? Manifesting is real, period. I'm so glad everything worked out with work,  and I was able to go. It was such a great learning experience, especially as a recent grad. I was able to hear from some great speakers, and I can't wait to apply the concepts to work and for my blog. It's always great to hear insights from insanely successful people. It makes me want to work harder in every aspect.

And, that's pretty much what's been going on these past weeks. Can't wait to catch up with you guys next week!

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