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Saturday, October 19, 2019

How I Get My Life Together, and Tips For How You Can Too

I'm not the most organized person AT ALL. I can honestly admit that. There are times when I haven't written in my planner for months at a time, so I just buy a new one. There are times when my laundry piles way too high. And there are always those times where I consistently neglect a random task my to-do list for weeks at a time. I'll tell myself, "okay I'll do that next week" or "first thing Monday morning,"... only for it to once again get passed over by some other time-sensitive tasks.

Consistency and routine are both things I value and constantly want to get better at. As a blogger, I feel like there is pressure to be perfect. Especially as a lifestyle blogger, there's an expectation to always have a clean room, a perfect morning routine and completely checked off to-do lists. But sometimes my life gets messy. I want to be completely transparent and real with my audience, and honestly, sometimes my life's a mess.

I can watch hours of YouTube vids of the perfect morning routines, but that doesn't mean I have my own. I can read books on productivity, but it doesn't mean I've mastered it. However, I eventually want to,  but right now...  I'm still a major work in progress. Now that I'm working and freelancing, I really need to develop a regular routine in order to stay on top of everything.

There's so much I'm interested in. I write for EveryStylishGirl, I do some freelance social media work, I blog, and I work part-time as a social media assistant. That's a lot of stuff, but I can honestly say, I love everything I do. I love the thought of being a girl on the go, who slays at her work life, and also maintains a clean room and bomb social life. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't struggle with balance. Currently, I'm seeking a solution and I'm determined to implement more routine so I can get it together and flourish.

Lately, I've been making some moves to get my stuff together and get organized. Here's are a few current things I've implemented, so maybe you can too.

Planning my week on Sundays:

This tip isn't new and probably seems basic. But, I've been spending my Sunday mornings planning my entire week out in my Google Calendar. I first start by writing down tasks I need to accomplish in the upcoming week, and then I look at my calendar to see when I can fit the tasks in. Then, I block off the times where I work in the office at my job, and plug-in potential times I want to work out. Next, I plan out the times where I'll work on freelance tasks and blog tasks.

I love planning in Google Cal, but I also like transferring important tasks over in my Erin Condren planner. I like to have the flexibility in a digital cal, but I like to add more set in stone tasks in my planner. I think having a specific day where you plan helps to get you more into a routine, and holds you accountable. Sundays just make sense for me because it's the first day of the new week, and typically free in my schedule.

Spending Work-From-Home days at a Coffee Shop 

I've noticed I'm sooo much more productive on work-from-home days when I get dressed and get out of the house. I think my brain associates working at a coffee shop with productivity and staying on task. I don't know what it is... but when I have my coffee in hand,  my laptop, and surrounding myself with people who are also working hard, it just makes me get down to business. I'm just ready to check things off, work hard, and make the most out of the day. I'm definitely someone who can get distracted easily, so just being free of a TV and comfy couches makes all the difference.

Waking up early to workout

I hate working out in the afternoon with a passion. I always make excuses mid-day, so I like to make working out one of the first tasks I do.  Honestly, I have not mastered this on days I work in the office. I'm not currently at the point where I can wakeup at 6:00 AM, workout, get ready, and drive to the office all before 9:30 AM. But one day, I'll get there (I promise.) But for right now, I try to workout on Wednesdays and Fridays when I'm free to work from home. Sometimes I miss a day, and sometimes I'm on it. As long as I got in the gym at some point in the week, that's a win for me!

Okay, so far these are things I've been trying, so when I master these... I'll add more lifestyle changes. As I've gotten older, I notice you can't take on too many life-changing tasks at once. Focus on one or a few small ones, and add other goals as you go. And just trust the process babe, you've got this!

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