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Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Reflections: What a Year!

Wow, I can't believe 2018 is coming to an end in just a few short hours. It feels like yesterday this chapter started and now it's coming to a close.

I have to say 2018 was one tough and crazy year. I had amazing times, and so many challenges. I've always been a goal-oriented kind of girl, and this year I really learned the meaning of obstacles. I was stretched in unfamiliar ways and often times I wanted to return back to my comfort zone, but I didn't let anything stop me.

Although, I encountered several obstacles searching for the perfect internship, and through navigating the balancing act of a crowded semester. I feel resilient and positive, and I'm certain I can only get better.

But despite obstacles, there's always the highlights. Here are my top five moments of 2018.

Spending an unforgettable summer in New York: 
I've wanted to live in New York since seriously deciding to pursue a career in fashion media. I waited so long, stayed patient and to no surprise,  it was more than I imagined. I learned how to truly live on my own, budget in an expensive city, and network. It was an experience that solidified a dream, and I can't wait until we meet again.

Relaunching my blog: 
Sometimes we make a million excuses as to why we can't start something. For me, this is what kept me away from relaunching this blog. I would always say " oh, I don't have enough money or enough time." But one day, instead of making excuses, I put toward action. And that's when Festivelyfaith.com was born. Chase your dreams people, and never listen to self-doubt.

Covering the Women's March Cleveland 2018: 
This is something I definitely did not expect to get the chance to do. I was taking a reporting class, and the first assigned story was to cover the Women's March in Cleveland. I gathered in a car with three other reporters and we observed and marched. It was amazing to be amongst women raising their voice and fighting for what they believe in. Women are unstoppable, and we're only getting better.

Working on two amazing issues of A Magazine:
When I first joined A Mag's editorial team Fall 2017, I kind of kept to myself instead of taking initiative and volunteering to write for the 2017 print issue. I just edited my assigned writers and articles and didn't pitch in ideas as much as I should have. But, one of my resolutions was to trust my abilities and talents. And luckily I was able to write features for the Power Issue sub-pub as well as Fall 2018 issue. I'm so proud of the work I got to produce and the people I shared it with.

Fostering a healthy hall community: 
I was fortunate enough to be a resident assistant two years in a row. I love my building's staff members and my boss, and I feel as though we killed this semester. It's a pleasure being such a valuable resource to my residents, and I will be sad to leave in the spring, but it's onwards and upwards.

2019, it's only up from here.

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