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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Blogs from the past: 2017 In Review

Wow, I wrote this blog last December. It's almost one year later,  and in the midst of this weird post-grad career search. I don't know what I'm doing sometimes, but this post just motivated me to go harder. I hope it does the same for you. You've got this forever and always.

How has it already been 10 months since I've posted? This blog is my first love, but the pressures of school, extra-curricular's, and writing for others have literally gobbled up all of my time (excuses suck, I know.) I honestly feel as though 2017 has come to an end at just a blink.

It leaves me with questions of personal growth. Have I spent my time efficiently? Am I living my best life? Am I anywhere closer to my dreams than last year?

Despite the total non-update of this blog, your girl has been hustling. Being a #girlboss has always intrigued me in an aspirational sense but this year I really tapped into it. I put away the meaningless distractions and weighed in on what's really important: my grind.

I literally was the Kodak Black of Tunnel vision; I discovered the joys of small wins in the journey of success.

I also discovered the greatness of stepping out of your comfort zone and trying things out just for the heck of it.

Because why not?

Why not me?

And why not you?

I broke up with self-doubt officially and started doing all the sh!+ that scares me.

2017 brought me an amazing summer internship at the Metro Detroit Times, a resident assistant position with the most amazing staff, and a position as the beat editor at the dopest fashion magazine on-campus.

A lot has happened and there are still days that move super fast and cause me to question if I'm balancing it all.

But, that's what personal growth is all about. It's not linear and there are always new challenges that accompany new levels and endeavors.

I'm still in the learning stage and sometimes I fall off but that all comes with learning and growth. I'm making strides on this crazy journey, but it's definitely going to be worth it.

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