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Tuesday, December 22, 2020



I cannot believe this year is almost over! This year was truly the year that changed everything. Everything in the world feels so different than where we started this year. It was a wild ride to say the least, and I can't wait to begin chapter 2021. I know change doesn't have to start in the new year, it starts when you decide to change. But, after this challenging year, I think it's fun to think about a fresh start in 2021.

Recently I've been thinking about what I want to manifest, and I gathered up 75 positive affirmations I'm claiming in this new year. Read on for all 75.

1. I was made for greatness 

2.  I constantly discover new sources of income. 

3. The world is bursting with endless opportunities for me

4. I am in charge of my feelings and emotions 

5.  I have the means to invest in myself 

6. I embrace challenges and welcome change

7. I am unstoppable 

8. I deserve rest and relaxation 

9. I deserve luxury because I am luxury 

10. I can and I will overcome any obstacle

11. I can. I will. End of Story

12.  I will be successful. 

13. I am the author of the story, I can change the narrative daily 

14. I am choosing and not waiting to be chosen

15. I am more than enough

16. Even in the messiest circumstances, I'm still great.

17. My flaws make me greater.

18. I am bold and daring.

19. I will show my authentic self.

20. I choose to love myself today.

21. I am free of worry and regret

22. I choose to think positive thoughts today as they become my reality

23. I choose to step outside of fear and my comfort zone 

24. I choose to be kind to everyone in my path

25. I choose to let go of negative energy and embrace positivity

26. I choose to use my gifts today and always.

27. My actions are intentional and they pull me closer to my goals 

28. I am worthy of incredible things

29. I have unlimited power.

30. I choose to use my energy towards positive things.

31. I am greatness. I am loved. 

32. I choose to inspire above all.

33. I can learn anything 

34. I will inspire thousands with my storytelling

35. I was made for greatness

36. I have a wealth mindset. 

37. Money flows into savings account 

38. I'm already talented enough.

39. I can make it past any obstacle 

40. I am the only one who can define myself 

41. I will not settle for anything less than deserve

42. I will express my emotions, and not hold back

43. I embrace the uncomfortable.

44. I welcome change. 

45. I'm already knowledgeable enough.

46. All of my thoughts become things. 

47. I am a powerhouse.

48. The more I give, the more I receive.

49. I am open to sharing my ideas.

50. I do everything with passion.

51. What I visualize, and work for can become reality

52. I am consistent with all things I find important 

53. I am exactly where I need to be in the present moment.

54. The things I create have the potential to change the world

55. My creativity is art, and sharing it opens up numerous possibilities 

56. I will acknowledge my talents in every setting

57.  I deserve success and all the incredible things that come with it

58.  My ideas are worth sharing. The world needs them.

59.  I can increase my income because money flows 

60. I can and I will manifest my dream care. 

61. I eat healthy food, and my body thanks me. 

62. I deserve to indulge in luxury

63. Money flows to me endlessly. 

64. I can do what I love, and live in wealth, 

65. I embrace new things each and every day.

66. I can change my reality with passion and consistency 

67. I am rich in wealth, health, love, happiness and creativity 

68. I am capable right now of creating my dream life. 

69. I am letting go of all worry around finances.

70. I can manifest anything I desire. 

71. I can handle success with ease. 

72. I can conquer my money goals 

73. I choose to be happy and love myself today and everyday.

74. I radiate positive energy 

75. I know and recognize my potential.

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  1. Great affirmations for 2021!

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