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Tuesday, June 30, 2020


Hey Everyone, I'm back at it again with another Festive Week in My Life. Post #4 is coming at you! This week was pretty normal but also kinda sorta busy. With the intro being said, let's get into it.

On Monday I worked in the office at my job and everything was all in all pretty normal. A nice grind it out kinda day, and I'm happy to let you all know I didn't buy lunch all week last week, that's just a personal win I thought I'd share lol.

Monday night was also cool because my clothing order from Boohoo came, so once I got home I had a fun try-on sesh with my mom. I love everything so much, and I can't wait to share the looks with you all through future blog posts. 

On Tuesday, we had a work from home day, and I pretty much worked on content for July, and I also went LIVE on my company's Instagram page sharing some of our bestselling lip colors. Then, after I got off work, my mom and I headed to my brother's apartment for his girlfriend's birthday celebration. It was a good gathering and basically was my first time seeing a group of people (outside of work) in a while. It was nice, and I enjoyed myself. After the party, my mom and I got some Burger King on our way home as a little (kinda) late-night  snack. 

On Wednesday, nothing really spectacular happened at work. I got some work done, we had a marketing call, and then I drove home. It was pretty uneventful, but, my brother and his girlfriend also swung by our house to drop off some cake that was leftover from the party. It was weird seeing my brother two days in a row because honestly since quarantine, that never happens lol.

On Thursday, I had another work from home day, which consisted again of planning July content for my job, but also thinking about fun ways we can celebrate reaching 250k on IG as a social team. A few of my marketing team friends and I hopped on a brainstorming call that probably lasted way longer than it should have, but it was so much fun just thinking of new things for social. And it's always fun talking with them about work and non-work related stuff.

A little later Thursday evening, I got some very exciting news that I can't wait to share with you all. As soon as I can, I will! But just know it's BIG! I was so excited, and the feeling is still there even as I type this! 


Friday, I started out my day working from home on my deck. It was such a nice day, and there's just something about grinding it out on a sunny day.  Fridays are a catch-up day for me, so I usually work for a few hours, and once I'm done I'll work on my blog or Instagram. I also took a lunch break and went to Wendy's and that was super delish cause I just love their chicken sandwiches. 

Then for Saturday, it was PAINT DAY! I finally painted my room the grey color I've been wanting. This has been a goal of mine since January, and I finally accomplished it. Saturday, we got most of the wall's done, and that in itself was pretty exhausting. We left touching up the walls for the next day, and then headed to Burger King (again) for some Impossible Whoppers (so yummy.)

Now we're on to Sunday! My mom and I mostly just touched up the walls, and I put in an online order at Lowes because guess what!? I'm gonna have an accent wall! I'm super excited to share the finished product with you all, I've been in major planning mode for the past few weeks, and I really am determined to finish by July. Stay tuned! 

Thanks for sticking around for this week's Festive Week in my Life! I can't wait until next week.

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  1. The paint job looks great! Can't wait to see the finished product!😇


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