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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

How to land your first brand collab with 1000 followers

Hey girl, so you wanna collab with trendy brands with your blog or Instagram? Yes!? Let's get it! Making money and obtaining gifted items with your blog or Instagram is totally possible in 2020. Don't ever doubt yourself.  And don't ever think you can't get there.

You can even do this with 1000 followers. 

Don't believe what the haters say. YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY EARN INCOME AND PARTNER WITH INCREDIBLE BRANDS WITH JUST 1000 FOLLOWERS. In 2020 brands are looking for so many things besides followers when recruiting for influencer collabs and partnerships 

Having a large following is not the only determining factor to working with brands anymore. However, your following can make it a little harder for some big brands to take you seriously as a creator. But, this just means you might have to convince them a little more in your pitch. 

There are hundreds of companies that are not looking for influencers with large followings but looking for people with influence who can create great content.

It really just comes down to the companies goals and the synergy between you and the company. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't work with brands because your following is low. My first ever paid partnership was with a company that came within months of launching my blog, and at the time I did not have high viewership at all. But I saw myself as a real blogger,  and as a result, the brand did too. 

Have a Clear Niche + Pitch Accordingly

Brands look at creators who have a clear focus. If you're interested in working with a beauty brand, that beauty brand will likely look at your profile to see if you're a good fit. If you only blog and post about food, then it's likely that the brand won't want to work with you. Have a clear niche, and pitch brands that align directly or similarly to your niche. 

Have a Clean and professional blog page layout 

One of the things that I believe makes me stand out among others is a clean blog layout. To keep it completely real,  nobody wants to look at a messy homepage, ever. It doesn't matter how bomb your writing is or how amazing your tips are,  if your blog is ugly, it's a huge distraction. Having an easy to read, and easy to navigate blog page is a must-have when working with brands and creating blog content. Brands want to have aesthetically pleasing content to link back to or grab content from. If your web page is messy, and hard to navigate, that can be a deal-breaker for the brand.  

Come prepared AF when pitching  

Slide into a brand's email with a collaboration that they just can't turn down. And how do you do this!? Well, collaborating with brands is a partnership, and through your email, you should clearly state the benefits of the potential collaboration. 

Will the brand get exposure to your large audience? Will the brand get your professional level product shots? Or will the brand get an incredible lifestyle content shoot? Basically, whatever you can provide the brand, be sure to clearly highlight that in your email. The brand needs to know exactly what you can do for them, before they say yes! It's really that easy!

When first starting out, join influencer networks

Honestly, this was the game-changer for me. Within months of starting my blog, I got my first partnership with Clarisonic (rip!)  through InfluenceHerCollective.

Influencer or blogger networks are agencies that secure brand campaigns all year long. Usually, they will send a call out through email or their website for bloggers or influencers to apply. If the agency and brand think you're a good fit, you'll be invited to participate in the campaign. 

Some influencer networks have a minimum amount of followers or social media stats, but some are open to small creators. But there are tons and tons. Getting your first collab on these collabs may be a little difficult at first, but once you gain one collab, the ones after will be a lot easier because brands will see that you have experience in creating great content.  

And to wrap up this blog post, I just want to say learn as you go! When you're a blog or influencer, it's not always a linear path, but the more you put yourself out there and try different things, the more success and collabs you will see. Just first, get started and the rest will fall into place. If you have any questions on brand deals or collabs, comment your question below and I'll be happy to answer.

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