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Sunday, April 26, 2020

My Work From Home Weekday Routine

I’ve lost count of how many weeks I’ve been in quarantine. But it’s starting to feel like a new
normal. Honestly, it’s going to feel so weird when I can finally work in an office again after
working from home for sooo long. Currently, in Michigan, our stay-at-home order will last at least
through the middle of May, but I think we’re all just taking it day by day.

I’m lucky to work in social media, so I can still do everything as usual. Aside from a few things,
such as going live on Instagram from my bedroom and transitioning to all-team video calls, my
workdays have pretty much remained the same.

But I’ve still had to make some adjustments to my weekday routine because I’m now working
from home for the entire week. I’ve found that I need to set aside “Me time” during a good chunk
of my day. There’s so much going on in the world and so many changes, I just need time to
unwind and stay occupied with something positive.

During this time, I think it’s so important to establish a work-from-home routine that works for
you, but it’s also just as important to plan time for yourself after work and for the weekend as it
can be easy for work life and home life to blur together.

Lately, I’ve been using a lot of this time to read, work on my blog, watch movies, catch up on all
my TV shows, and watch YouTube, of course! (You all know I love my YouTube lol.) I’m just
trying to do a lot of things that will continue to better myself and keep myself in good spirits.

One thing I’ve been really leaning in on is my technology during this time. And Xfinity
always comes through. I’m so excited to be partnering with them again for this blog

I’m gonna walk you guys through a typical day in my life while working from home.
Hopefully, you guys can gain some inspo or motivation.


8:30 AM: My alarm clock sounds off for the 5th time, and I finally decide it’s time to roll
out of bed. I usually scroll on Insta for 10 minutes. Then I go into my work’s content plan
on Planoly, and I publish my first social media post for the day. Then I hop in the
bathroom to shower and get ready for the day.

9:30 AM: I finish getting dressed and head to my desk. On Monday and Friday, we
have a marketing team check-in call, so if we have one, I’ll hop on that call. If not, I’ll log
into Sprout Social to check comments from that morning and the night before on all

10:30 AM: I check my email to see if anyone needs anything from me, and then I’ll look
at my to-do list or my Trello board of things to do. If I’m working on a project that day or
planning content, sometimes I’ll do it while watching Netflix in the background -- and by
this, I mean watching Gilmore Girls in the background. (It’s always Gilmore Girls lol.)
I’ll head to my living room, grab my Xfinity X1 remote and say “Netflix” into the
microphone. Then, I’ll turn on the show and bang out a couple hours of work while it’s
playing in the background.

1:00 PM: I usually take my lunch break at this time. I’ll make a sandwich and eat it while
 checking my job's social media pages for comments and DMs.

1:30 PM: I’ll go back to working on content or any other projects I have in the works for
the last three hours of the day.

4:30 PM: It’s the end of the day! I made it through the workday, and it’s officially over. I’ll
usually pull out my laptop and watch some YouTube videos, or I’ll turn on The Bold
Type on Xfinity Stream.

4:45 PM: I’m off of work, and I decide to grab a Clif Bar for a snack. Then I’ll head to my
room, grab my computer, and watch some YouTube. I love how my Xfinity Internet
connection remains strong throughout my house, no matter what room I’m in.

5:30 PM: I decide to chill on the YouTube videos I’m watching, and I grab the new book
I’m reading. I’m currently reading The Proposal by Jasmine Guillery, and it’s such a

8:30 PM: I’m lying in my bed at this point, attempting to wind down. I grab my laptop to
turn on Netflix, and I turn on an episode of All American (my new obsession lol). I also
publish the final social post for my job for the day.

11:30 PM: I’m scrolling on Instagram on my phone, preparing to go to sleep so I can kill
it the next day. A girl has got to get her rest!

My Work From Home MVP

If I had to give an award to the one thing that gets me through working from home
during this time, it’s Xfinity. The WiFi connection never fails me, and the X1 system is
always there when I need a brain break or have a show on in the background.

Yes, to be completely honest, I am working with them on this post. However, I’ve used
Xfinity for years and my thoughts are still the same. It’s amazing, and I genuinely don’t
know how I could survive this quarantine without it.

I also want to highlight the things Xfinity is implementing during this time, such as
unlimited data for Xfinity Internet plans, no disconnects or late fees (if you let them know
you are experiencing financial hardships), 60 days of free service for new, eligible
“Internet Essentials” customers, and more.

I love a company that not only performs at a high standard but also cares for its
customers, especially in times like these. To learn more about Xfinity, visit Comcast’s
website to learn more about the efforts to support increased connectivity and

This blog post on “My Work From Home Weekday Routine” is sponsored by Xfinity; of
course, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep
Festivelyfaith.com alive and well.

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