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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

I ordered my first Allure Beauty Box; so you can know the deal

I purchased my first beauty box in 2019 (I know, I'm super late to the game) but, I never really saw the worth in them. And the subscription box industry is a little saturated, so I always felt overwhelmed at the thought of choosing the best one as far as product sizing and price.

I decided to go with the Allure Beauty Box because of its deluxe samples, price, and curation from the talented editors at Allure.

I heard in 2019, the Allure boxes were revamped to include a new reusable pouch that comes in multiple colors each month (the first one being Allure's signature red.)

I visited the website and thought it was worth a try since the first box is only $10. After watching tons of videos on the January box, and I was sold as soon as I heard about the unreleased Sunday Riley face oil that's priced around $40. First of all, Sunday Riley is a crazy expensive skincare brand I've never got to try, and second, that offer was just a little too good to pass up.

My box came about ten days after I first ordered it (which was not too bad considering Allure's FAQ page said the first box could take up to 20 days to deliver.) When it came, everything was shipped perfectly except my red pouch which had a little hole on the side like it was overstuffed with products.

Sunday Riley: C.E.O. Glo |  Sunday Riley: High Dose Retenoid Serum | Amika: Soulfood nourishing mask | NCLA: Nail Polish | Ouai: Scalp and body scrub | Doucce: Relentless matte lip crayon | Mally: Shadow stick
Other than that, I really can't complain. So far, I've tried all the products except the Ouai scrub and the Sunday Riley Retinoid serum. I think my favorite thing is the Sunday Riley C.E.O. Glow oil because my extremely dry skin seems to love it. I also enjoy the lip crayon because it's in a berry shade that works perfect for winter. I also usually only wear dark berry colors all year round, so there's that. But, anyway I really love it! 

Since I ordered the box at the end of January, I was charged a few days ago for February's box; but, I'm not upset because I genuinely enjoyed getting to try out new products in a way I haven't before. I'm not sure if I will stay on for the rest of the semester because spring break is coming up, and your girl is on a budget, but I will definitely be ordering more boxes from Allure in the future.

If you've never tried a beauty subscription box, and you're interested, I would highly suggest the Allure box. It includes nice sized samples for a pretty affordable price, and it can be trusted because actual beauty editors selected the products.

I'm really enjoying my first box, and I can't wait to see what future boxes will bring!

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