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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Navigating my fashion journey

I have always been the kind of girl who has known exactly what she wanted to do.

Well, kind of. I've at least known what path I wanted to take. I have known my two loves since the 8th grade. I've always had a love for fashion ever since my Mom allowed me to pick out my own clothes. And I found my love for writing after taking my first journalism class in 8th grade.

I also knew what college I wanted to go to after my grandma took me to visit Kent State's fashion museum when I was thirteen.

In high school, I lived a double life. In the midst of marching band, drama club, and AP classes I worked towards my dream life. I set up my DSLR camera in my living room and took "okay" pictures of my outfits and filmed a few very low-quality YouTube fashion videos. I searched Kent State's fashion program at every moment and determined there was no other school for me. Their top fashion program and accredited journalism program sold me completely.

I daydreamed about my college life every day in high school (probably more than I should of.) If you took a look at my high school vision board, you would probably find these words: fashion journalism, Kent State, blogging, New York.

And I have achieved all four in some shape or form.

I'm a student at Kent State University, and I study in journalism, fashion media, and marketing. I have had two blogs, "Faaithzebrasway" and now, "Festively Faith."  This past summer, I interned in social media for designer, Renee Greenstein in New York City.

Looking back, I have completed all most all of my college goals, but the future still seems so uncertain. Navigating a career in the fashion industry is very hard, but I also believe anything is possible with hard work. I know I want to work in fashion media as a fashion writer, social media manager, or working in marketing and communications for a fashion brand. I have full belief that I'll end up where I'm meant to be, and I'm speaking it to existence.

Until then,  it's still just grind season.

How are you navigating through your career journey?

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