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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

25 Affirmations for January 2022

Happy New Year! Claiming greatness for you in this new start of a year. You deserve all the good things. The abundance. The happiness. The growth. This is gonna be a transformational year, I believe that for you. Read on for 25 positive affirmations for January 2022.  May this month bring incredible things into your life. 

1. Good things are ahead. Keep going 

2. I give myself permission to do what feels right to me. 

3. I am worthy of all the blessings coming my way. 

4. I owe it to myself to trust my creative instincts.

5. I own and love my inner power.

6. I make rest a priority because it grants me creative energy.

7. I owe it to myself to go after all the things I deserve.

8. You were made to do hard things. Keep pushing through challenges

9. My work is valued

10. You owe it to your future self to keep going.

11. The best is yet to come 

12. I can manifest my greatest desires

13.  I choose to prioritize my personal peace 

14. I am currently in the process of becoming my best self. 

15. Incredible strength lies within me. 

16. Amazing things happen when I follow my intuition. 

17. I live in perfect alignment.

18. I operate in optimal creativity daily.

19. My passions always lead me to greatness.

20. I am loved.

21. I am talented.

22. I am brave, and I take on new adventures with curiosity.

23.  Today, this week, this month, this year: I'll make magic.

24. I spread love and kindness to those around me.

25. Today I choose joy.

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