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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Festive Life: Does Famous Hamburger live up to its name?!

Me pictured holding the bacon cheeseburger (so flavorful!)

I'm not a food blogger, but I do love the thrill of trying a new restaurant in my city. I wouldn't necessarily categorize myself as a foodie because I'm pretty picky about my food (honestly, 60% of my diet is sandwiches and fries.) But, when I saw a Detroit blogger Instagram her food from Famous Hamburger in West Dearborn, I knew I had to try it for myself.

Immediately after stalking the famous hamburger Instagram, I sent my brother a text along with a screenshot urging him that we needed to go. Our schedules are both pretty busy, so it took about three weeks to actually make it there together.

We went last Friday, and I must say this burger spot did not disappoint. 

Waffle fries are def an 11/10!
After looking over their menu, I decided to go with the bacon cheeseburger. I'm not really extra when it comes to burgers. They offer so many burger toppings from fried eggs to avocado, but I'm pretty basic so I just stuck with the bacon.

The overall taste was delish. The patty puts you in the mindset of a Five Guys patty rather than like a Shake Shack. It's more of a heftier meat than Shake Shack (I could only finish half of my burger.) I'm actually obsessed with Shake Shack, but I can't compare the two. They are both in their own burger lane.

All Famous Hamburger burgers include fries with each burger, and the prices range from $10-14. There was a $1 upcharge for waffle fries, but it's honestly so worth it. The waffle fries were my favorite part, perfectly seasoned and crisp. They are for sure an 11/10.

Honestly, I feel the exact same way.
The overall restaurant vibe is casual and fun. I loved the light sign that said: "Burgers are life and life is great." Very true, and it might just become my new mantra. Anyways,  I will definitely be heading back to Famous Hamburger soon. If you are in the Metro Detroit area, consider giving this place a try. You won't regret it.

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