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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Everything that went down at Her Conference: Empower

This past weekend in New York was exactly what I needed.

I had the honor of attending Her Conference: Empower, and the whole experience was so beautiful and motivating. It came at the perfect time, and I'm so thankful for the Influencer Her Collective for allowing me the chance to attend.

I was gleaming just at the realization of being in the room with so many ambitious and talented women. It was honestly a dream. This post-grad transition has been a struggle for me at times, and sometimes I feel so uncertain. Being surrounded by women who are working in the positions of my wildest dreams and attendees who are the kind of girls who aren't afraid to go for it, I was instantly inspired and refreshed.

It was the reboot I desperately craved.

The conference featured four inspiring keynotes from Michelle Carter, an Olympic gold Champion; Amber Tamblyn, author, and Tibby from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants; Jessica Garcia, actor; and Cara Santana, actress, entrepreneur, and influencer. In between keynotes, there were three breakout panel sessions on various topics surrounding media.

The three panels I chose were "Navigating the media industry: where to start and working your way up," "Like, Snap, Tweet, Turning Your Social Media Obsession into a Full-Time Job," and "Insiders Spill: What a Career in Marketing and PR is really like."

Each panelist really solidified the work I need to continue doing, and the tools and skills I should add to stand out. Generally, each panelist expressed the importance of internships and the notion that it's never too late to gain experience or learn an additional skill that can help you stand out.

Many of the panelists had a full list of internships before they gained their dream job and just worked their way up. Others pivoted careers and used their past experiences and created a narrative surrounding why they were the best person for the job. For example, the vice president of social media marketing for GoDaddy was once a high school English teacher. To stand out in interviews she created a  narrative comparing getting the attention of high schoolers to breaking through the social media clutter (so genius!)

Each of their advice really resonated with me and proved to me that I have to continue working and grinding while I'm on the path of my dream career. Everyone's path is different, and it's really about staying true to your journey and purpose. Hearing the stories of those makes me realize I can do it too. Hey, maybe one day, I'll even be sitting on a panel talking about my career journey.

I'm so glad to live in a world where women can support each other in fellowship in a place for ten hours. I'm so grateful to have formed a  dynamic girl gang with other women who came to the conference alone. Sometimes girls can see each other as competition, but I think we all wanna see each other win. Can't wait to continue connecting with them in our group message and see all of us climbing to the top.

Until next time Her Conference!

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  1. Love this! Sounds like it was so fun and empowering. I hope I can attend next year!

    1. Yes, so much fun! You should definitely go next year.

  2. Stay motivated and keep following your dreams!!

  3. wow, this sounds fabulous! I should've took the trip to attend. Definitely next year I will!

    1. Yes! Can't wait to see you next year!



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