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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Five Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog

Relaunching my blog was one of the best decisions I've ever made. At the end of last year, I promised to take my blog more seriously. Instead of just posting my long rants or random recommendations, I wanted to implement more of a strategic strategy. 

Along the road of taking my blog a little more seriously, I've discovered some of the great benefits of having a blog. There are so many times that I doubted myself or got discouraged that I didn't have thousands of readers, but regardless,  there are so many incredible moments I've had as a blogger. 

If there is any advice I could give to any aspiring bloggers, I would simply say "just do it." If you just take the leap and work consistently, you will see results, period. And to that, here are my five reasons why you should start a blog.

To Find your Tribe
Blogging in a specific niche allows you to truly find your people. Are you a true "fashun girl"? Are you into gaming? Cooking? Whatever your specific niche is, there are thousands of people who are there with you, and blogging about what you love can connect you! There is an entire community waiting to hear what you have to say. You have a unique perspective, and people in your niche will be excited to hear. I would say my personal niches are fashion and lifestyle, and recently I've discovered tons of like-minded individuals through Facebook blogger pages and Instagram hashtags. Those are the people who consistently comment, and tune in. They're  just the ones who "get it." 

To Be of Service

Do you believe you have something unique to share? Are you the queen of research or reviews? These are signs that you should start a blog because you have something special to offer people. A huge part of being a successful blogger is being a credible and informative source. And you don't have to overthink this part of it either. Just stay true to yourself. Of course, you're not an encyclopedia, but just ask yourself... "What would my current reader want to know? And how can my new post be of service to them?" Sometimes these are also things you may want to know also, and that's okay. Think about how you could add value to your reader, and then deliver. 

For Self Expression

You should start a blog simply to express yourself. Let loose a little bit,  girl, and just be you. A blog should be a place where you don't have to pretend to be someone else. You write the rulebook. And you finally have the chance to talk about anything you want to talk about.  Take time to create a distinct voice for yourself, and just write. It feels great to have a creative space to consistently work on. Especially if you don't have the privilege of working at a job you love, your blog can be that thing that ignites that fire inside of you. Your push to keep dreaming, and becoming the best you.

A reason to learn

A blog is a great reason to consistently learn. The blogging and social media world are constantly evolving, and there are always new strategies and tactics to learn every single day. There are also greater opportunities for learning depending on the type of blog post you may write. Often times, you'll  need to refer to some kind of outside source for information or research. Trust me, this part is so fun. I don't know about you, but researching topics I'm interested in is almost therapeutic. Does anyone else get lost in the abyss of the internet when researching... or is it just me?

To showcase your skills 

Honestly, one of the best benefits of my blog is the ability to showcase my skills. It's been a great talking point in job interviews, and I really feel as though it has helped companies get a glimpse at my personality and personal brand. My site is a quick snapshot of the work I've done for myself and other companies. In 2019, employers always want to know what's unique about you, and on this platform, I can show them. If you are in (or aspire to be in) any creative field, I would recommend starting a website or blog to showcase the work you can do. Personally for me, having an updated blog shows a company that I can commit to a passion project over an extensive amount of time, and constantly work on my craft. Employers love someone who has this kind of self-discipline and drive. 

Okay, so I say all of this to say if you are contemplating starting a blog, just take the leap. You never know where you may end up, and there are endless places the blogging world can take you. Just jump right in, and I promise you won't regret it! 

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  1. I still remember being inspired by other blogs before starting my own!


  2. Yasss! I’m so happy I started my blog a couple years ago just as a creative outlet and now I’m taking it a bit more seriously.

    - Sarah, thesarahdipity.com

  3. Blogging is a huge blessing and I am glad I started!


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