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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The start of something new

I'm feeling a force to start something new today. A new love. A new escape. A new safe haven. Previously, I was known as "Faaith Zebras Way," a destination for my self-discovery. The real ones will know; but if you are new, Hello! I'm so glad you are here, love that outfit by the way! I would like to now introduce myself as "Festively Faith," the girl who lives in the moment and shares her journey. 

As I thought of the theme of this blog post, I just couldn't stop thinking about that one High School Musical song. Ahhh... gotta love Nostalgia. Please enjoy it below!

"Living in my own world, didn't understandThat anything can happen, when you take a chanceI never believed in what I couldn't see (oh)I never opened my heart (oh) to all the possibilities, ooh"

This blog might consist of fashion, a little beauty, career navigation and culture topics I love. I want it to be about embracing who you are and the journey that comes with it. So, come on, let's toast our mimosa glasses and go get it!

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