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Monday, July 6, 2020


Hey babes! 

Happy Monday! I am back on the blog this week with yet another Festive Week in My Life. This is the fifth one, and I am so glad I brought this segment back on the blog.

Last week was a super busy and packed week between work, my room remodel, and freelance work and projects. Your girl is #tired, but there's so much to come. Things are really coming together, and I can taste all that there is to come. Lots of partnerships in the works, and just a lot happening in general that I cannot wait to share. But now it's time to catch up, here's what went down last week.

Wait, did you miss my recent posts? Girl, let's catch up: 

Let's start with Monday. Again, on Monday we were back in the office again. If you are new here, I work in social media and currently we work in the office two days per week, and the other three days are spent working from home. This day was really productive, and I spent most of my day writing captions and posting content. You know, just the day in the life of a social media manager.

Tuesday, I woke up bright and early and headed to Time Hortons to get my morning coffee and egg bites (I'm so obsessed!) And at around 8:00 am I got back home and started to pitch a couple of brands. Lately, I have been extremely motivated when it comes to my blog, so I took this morning to get a head start. 

And to my surprise, my pitches actually worked, and some exciting collabs are in the works. I am so happy I've finally gotten comfortable with pitching because now my content will be even greater! 

On Wednesday it was back to the office again, and Wednesday is my longest meeting day, so that was pretty much the whole day. First prepare for the meeting, the actual meeting, and then the wind down from the meeting. I am the only one who feels exhausted after super long work meetings. Please let me know if you feel me on this in the comments below. 

Thursdays are always pretty chill, I mainly just got a bunch of work done in preparation to close out the week. We had a weekend mini-campaign launch, so most of my day was making sure we were prepared and ready for that as much as possible. After work, I went to pick up an online order from Lowes, and honestly, this was a whole mess. The amount of time it took to receive my order (and the line wasn't that long) was insane. I don't want to spend my whole time ranting about the service, but just know it was not pleasant.

It's FINALLY Friday! I spent most of this day making sure everything was in line at work. There were a few edits the social team had to make, so much of the day was spent doing that. After the workday was over, I actually went MATTRESS SHOPPING! As some of you know from my Instagram story, I am redoing my room. I just bought an entire full-size bed, and I'm so proud. On the way home from the mattress store, I picked up some pizza, and had a pretty chill night.

On Saturday was 4th of July, but like many people this year, I really didn't do much. I honestly took the day to spray paint my desk pink, and I also had to do a lot of posting on my job's Instagram. Other than that, I really just took the day to relax and unwind. And of course, I had some leftover pizza lol!

Sunday, was another room makeover day. This time it was all about the wallpaper. BUT WAIT, there's more to this story. I ran out of wallpaper only 1/3 of the way in. And sadly it's still unfinished as I type this, but the additional rolls will luckily be here this Wednesday.  This room makeover situation is really a labor of love, and I am realizing that trying to redo a room on a budget is just not working for me. I am ultimately going to be spending a lot more coin than planned, but I am so excited to see the finished product. Stay tuned everyone! 

Until next week,

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