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Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Back to school time will always be one of my favorite times of the year. When I was in college, back to school was basically like another new year.

It was time to get extremely organized, set new goals, buy a new planner, get cute dorm stuff, and figure out what books I was not going to buy (and what new clothing I was going to buy lol.) I was always so excited to experience Welcome Weekend and get reunited with my Ohio friends again.

But now back to school as a recent grad is kind of sad. I get serious FOMO seeing so many of my friends heading back to another year at my alma mater, and reuniting with their friends. College was honestly such a special time, and whenever back to school rolls around, I think of how amazing it was.

So this year on the blog, I wanted to do something special. Here are my 5 things I believe every college student should know.

Make a promise to get involved

One thing I will always thank myself for is getting involved in college. I was a resident assistant, an editor at my school's fashion magazine, and a writer at a few other campus publications. I wanted to get the most of my college experience beyond the classroom, so I made it my mission to get involved in my first semester.

Secure the best technology set up

One thing every college student should have is a great technology set up. Having a secure WiFi connection will always come in clutch at times you need it the most. When you're rushing to submit a Blackboard assignment, you completely forgot about two minutes before it's due. That skill, my friend, is only as strong as your internet connection, and Xfinity delivers every time.

For this blog post, I am working with my faves at Xfinity to give you guys another reason to invest in the best technology service. Especially when it comes to back to school season.

Xfinity xFi is a great option for students as it gives you the speed, coverage, and control you need. And as so many schools are switching a majority of their classes to an online format this semester, it's super important to have a reliable technology set up that will give you the same success level as if you were in a classroom.

I honestly believe that having a fast internet connection is such a gamechanger and makes everything go by so much faster. There's nothing worse than working on an assignment when your internet has a hiccup. That's what I love about Xfinity- the connection remains strong all day every day.

One incredible thing Xfinity is offering for the remainder of 2020 is open WiFi Hot Spots for everyone (including non-customers of Xfinity.) This means that you can use their internet wherever you go and it’s available, making it easy to stay connected. Xfinity has also extended their pledge to help college students stay connected by providing college students with a $150 prepaid VISA card to students who sign up for their internet offering before Sept. 30. Check out info on that here

Craft the greatest study playlist of all time (you'll thank yourself later)

Okay, so this one is an absolute must-have. A good playlist will do wonders for you during long nights in the library, or long walks to your class. I can't stress this enough. And when you have the perfect technology set up, downloading music becomes a breeze. Because we all know there’s nothing worse than getting all hype to turn on your favorite song, and the song ends up lagging or pausing the song to buffer. It’s THE WORST! Xfinity XFi makes it easy to listen to your favorite playlist with no hiccups. 

And just a personal tip from my secret life as a playlist DJ (lol, )the key to a great study playlist is a great mix of upbeat songs and songs that still allow you to concentrate. Here's a link to my quarantine playlist if you want to get a few ideas to start crafting your perfect playlist. 

 https://xfin.tv/30mCRgi  to see how much Xfinity can level up your college experience as far as music, studying, etc.

Create a scheduling system that sets you up for success

In college, I feel my success was only as good as my scheduling system. I'm really not a super planner connoisseur, but in college, I had to get with the program when I became a resident assistant. Things got really stressful, really quick. But I learned that Google Cal was actually a lot better for me because I could have recurring events and meetings living on my calendar for several months. It helped me to save time instead of having to continually write what was upcoming in the week.

If I can give one piece of advice to a college student in 2020, it would be to find a scheduling system that works for you at the very beginning. Even if it's your first semester and you're not in any clubs, I would suggest inputting your class times in your calendar, tests, assignments due, and allocating time for hanging out with your friends.

I really wish I would have done this sooner because this was the personal gamechanger for me. 

Create the ultimate list of goals you plan to achieve in the school year

I think my favorite thing about a new school year is the opportunity to create new goals. I mean, who doesn't love a fresh start!? A new school year is a perfect time to create a few academic, personal, social, and career goals for yourself. And I don't know who needs to hear this, but WRITE THEM DOWN! Write them down, work towards them, and manifest! You are gonna crush all those goals this year! I believe in you!

Actually, let's keep you accountable. Let me know a few of your goals down in the comments.

This blog post on "5 Things Every College Student Should Know in 2020" is sponsored by Xfinity; of course, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Festivelyfaith.com alive and well.

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