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Saturday, December 28, 2019

The BEST Earrings for Sensitive Ears! Best Gift Ideas for 2020

Happy New Year Babes!

Life has been INSANE to say the least! But I'm back and I'm so much better and I'm so excited to be partnering up with Studex for this post!

I've never been the biggest earring girl, but I wear earrings they are typically small studs or a statement earring (there's really no in-between.)  I love these star-shaped stud earrings from Studex because they are super lightweight and comfy. I loved them so much, that Studex also sent one for me to gift to one of my bff's. I shipped it to her as a belated Christmas gift and I hope she actually likes them lol (it can be so hard to gift friends, am I right!?)

earrings I gifted to my friend, Deja!

 I love that Studex just gets it! I also love that these are available on Amazon so they are super simple to shock. And not to mention,  most are on Prime and will deliver within 2 days!

Let me also say, these earrings are perfect for just about any girl in your life. They come in so many styles from small gold hoops (I'm currently eyeing those) to stainless steel studs. And what's great about these earrings are that they're hypoallergenic. There are so many women who have ear sensitivity, so sometimes buying cheaper earrings to gift can cause some issues. With Studex, you don't have to worry! Your loved ones can rock these with no problems.

If you forgot someone on your list this year, shop these bomb earrings on Amazon Today: www.amazon.com/studex

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