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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Winter Trend Alert: Color-blocking

This winter season is really getting to me. Just this weekend, Ohio had a huge snowstorm. I was forced to stay in all weekend (definitely not fun!) I've never been a fan of winter at all, I'd much rather be on a beach in a flowy dress sipping on a tropical drink.

Honestly, the only thing tolerable about winter is the fact that you can wear cute and cozy sweaters.

Currently, I'm obsessed with this color-blocked sweater from Popsugar's collection at Kohls. My Mom loves Kohl's; so I usually browse around whenever I'm with her. During Black Friday, I discovered their Popsugar collection, and I'm obsessed. I love the whole vibe of the new collection, it reminds me of something straight out of Freeform's The Bold Type (sidenote: love that show!) The whole line is very millennial/Gen Z, and prides itself in being made to live in, play in, and love in. I love how the collection is classic, yet progressive.

I love how their color-blocked sweater pairs the blue with the neutral black and grey tones. It's a great reflection of this season's hot trend.

Sweater: Popsugar at Kohls | Trousers: Boohoo | Bag: Thrifted (similar)

Love how comfy the sweater feels, and the chunky look
I'm loving this season's remix to a classic trend. I'm sure a lot of us remember the color-blocking trend around 2010/2012. Personally, I remember seeing it everywhere as I scrolled through magazines in middle school, and that was probably my first true understanding of trend watching. I remember pairing the brightest clothing in my closet together and feeling so on trend.

 Nonetheless, I'm loving that this trend is back and featured on a few winter classics. Many brands are creating color-blocked sweaters, coats, bags and even winter accessories like gloves.

Color-blocking is also one of the easiest trends to recreate because you can do it so easily with pieces in your closet. It's so adaptable and can easily be done with just pairing a red blouse, with pink trousers or whatever you want. The pairing is really is up to you. But, if you are really loving the trend, try purchasing a color-blocked piece you love and mix and match it with different pieces in your closet.

Can you believe my Dad thrifted this at an estate sale? #shook
I paired my outfit with a thrifted bag my Dad found at an estate sale. I love the gold hardware, t it reminds me of something straight out of Versace. It easily dresses up any casual outfit and gives it a luxury feel. I really enjoy pieces that can instantly make an outfit look a little more expensive.

Chelsea boots: Boohoo | Sweater socks: PINK (similar)

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Looking for a little more inspo? I love the way these ladies killed the color-blocked look. I'm seriously in need of a fierce color-blocked coat!

All images from Pinterest, moodboard made by me
So what's your verdict? Are you into the color-blocked trend?.... Or are you obsessing over another winter trend like animal print? Also, how do you feel about the winter weather? Talk to me in the comments, I'd love to know!

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