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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Gift Guide for The Tech-Obsessed

There's two types of people in this world. The ones who LOVE technology and the ones who don't understand it at all. During the holidays, tech items make the BEST gifts. From camera gear, phone gear, drones, indoor gadgets, and more! A tech gift is basically always a clear winner. In this guide, I wanted to include items that everyone can enjoy who occupy the tech space. The social media managers, content creators, tech geeks and everyone in between. 

But don't worry! I've got you covered on the cost on some items. Tech items seem to be inevitably a bit pricey, but I've included several budget-friendly options that the techie in your life will still love. You don't have to break the bank to get something useful! Continue reading for the ultimate tech gift guide.

An Ipad:

This is actually something that's on my personal wishlist this year. I've actually never had any type of iPad in my life. I always stuck to my phone and my MacBook, but lately I have been itching for an iPad. Since working in social media and dabbling in some freelance projects, I'm in need of another device that gives me a little bit more room to create. And the iPad Air I think is the answer for me I think. Anyways, I think this item is great for anyone who creates content, artsy side, or who attends school. Apple also has a good range of options at different price points depending on your techie's need and your budget. 

Vlogging Camera 

The perfect gift for any aspiring content creator. A vlogging camera is perfect for any one who hopes to start a YouTube channel or enjoys making videos and content for Instagram. Typically, Vlogging cameras are more affordable than DSLR and Full Frame Cameras. The Cannon G7X is a great camera as well as the Sony a5100. Both are affordable camera options and I'm sure the aspiring content creator will LOVE! 

MacBook Computer

Okay, this is a pretty big ticket item but it's definitely an essential for any techie or content creator. Especially if they've been hinting around that their computer has been lagging or running slow. A new computer can change the whole game and really level up your content. And it doesn't have to be a MacBook, Surface laptops are also AMAZING! A computer is just one of those things that you can always use, and I'm sure it will be appreciated. 

Gorilla Tripod

This is such a must-have in my book! This tool can help you create better content on your phone or camera. It helps with vlogging and filming video. This can help with stabilization, so your video content is not all-over-the-place. But this tool is WAYY less than a gimble. Gorilla Tripods run between  $15 to $35, so this is one of those great budget-friendly options. 

New iPhone

There's always the latest phone that you can gift to a techie. The latest iPhone 12 came out, and makes such an easy gift to give. Even if it's not for a techie, it can be a great gift for someone in your life who desperately needs a phone upgrade lol.

Photo Printer 

I didn't even know this existed until a few weeks ago, but I am obsessed. This small printer connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth and can print out your photos. I love this, the ultimate nostalgia. This would be perfect for the Iphone photographer in your life!


Phone/Camera Ringlight 

This gift is perfect for the content creator or blogger in your life. This ringlight tripod stand allows you to take photos of yourself by setting your camera on self-timer or using a bluetooth remote, Plus it helps the lighting look flawless. There's a lot of price points available for these as well. They are available for as low as $25 to as high as $175.

Amazon Echo Show / Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Show is a great family tech item. It's the perfect device to sit in your kitchen or common space. It allows you to play music, look up recipes, create shopping lists and more. It's perfect for any family who wants to make their home a little more "smart." For a more budget friendly option, opt for the Echo Dot. It does a lot of things the show does, but isn't as visual. 

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