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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Let's Boss Up: Always Bet On You

Hey babes,

I'm back with another blog post, and I hope everyone is staying safe during this time! I hope this blog post can offer any encouragement and positivity, especially if you have been feeling in a rut lately.

During this time in quarantine, it can be easy to not feel like yourself and become completely unmotivated. But, I'm here to tell you the importance of still betting on yourself.

Because if you don't bet on you, who will? If you want anything to work in life, you have to believe in it fiercely. You can't move forward to your limitless potential if you first don't believe in what you are truly doing.

You've gotta be willing to bet on yourself and put in the work.

#storytime. To be 100% transparent, I've really struggled with balance in 2020 especially when it comes to my blog. From the start, this year just felt so off to me. I didn't feel like I had the "2020 vision" everyone was talking about.  In January went through a transition at work that demanded more of me and my time, and as a result of putting in more time at work,  I kept telling myself I didn't have time for my blog. I just kind of gave up on it. I uploaded rarely, and I wasn't in love with what I was creating at all. And just to give you some background, when I graduated last year, I had no job. So, I dedicated a good amount of time to my blog. It was the one thing that I could control, and I could create freely on. And in 2020, I actually fell into a couple opportunities that allowed me to actually earn some money.

I witnessed what can happen when you plant seeds, and you water them. Growth happened, and guess what happened when I wasn't watering those blooms? Opportunites became less and less.

So I went from really seeing a return from my hard work, to then telling myself I didn't have time. Of course, opportunities stopped because I wasn't putting in any real work. And the worst part of all of this is that, the little voice in my head still kept telling myself I didn't have time. The voice in my head kept telling me I couldn't do it.

This isn't completely true, although social media is a very demanding and "always on" career, I could have found time to at least get a blog post up twice a month. I just chose to do other things. And of course, Corona came and also through a bunch of things off in everyone's life.

Over the past few weeks, I've really learned that if I want to keep seeing success with anything. I have to put in the work, and I have to keep betting on myself. And when life gives you more opportunities, you have to be willing to adjust. It's a blessing, to have more hours and responsibility at work, but that doesn't mean I have to stop building the Festively Faith brand. 

I don't want to watch other people grow within their passions and I'm just stuck.

If I can find time to watch others on Youtube for two hours a day, then I can find time to work on my passion. I fully believe that Festively Faith is a part of my passion. Although my platform is small now, I see so much potential for growth. I just have to go for it.

There's nothing worse than watching everyone else get after their dreams, while you are still stagnant. So just go for it! This is my personal reminder, and I hope it can be yours too.

It can be scary. It can feel overwhelming. You may be tired, and find every excuse, but I promise making progress towards your passion and purpose is the best feeling, ever. Keep betting on yourself, and working on your passions, I promise it's worth it.

When I work on me, I feel my best. When I put time into FestivelyFaith, I feel better overall in all areas. I feel like a better worker at my job. I feel like a happier, and more fulfilled person. When I see people other than my mom (lol) commenting on my posts saying they enjoyed what I was saying, or my post helped them, it's the greatest feeling. I'm gonna keep thinking about this when I start to feel feelings of overwhelm or procrastination. I have to remember that sometimes, it's bigger than me. Even if only one person feels a connection to my blog, or reads my blog, it's still worth it.

And I also have to keep reminding myself that even when life is giving me great opportunities in my career, I can't ignore my passion. And I hope this message helps you and encourages you to not forget about your passion either.

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